The Ocean University Initiative was initiated by the Breton communities. It is implemented by the University of Brest (UBO) with the aim of creating the conditions for the establishment of a United Nations University institute dedicated to the ocean and coasts, and with the means of carrying out prefiguration actions in three fields: research, training and communication.


One Ocean Summit University

February 8, 2022

A series of events for the COP26

September 24, 2021
Satellite image of Costa Rica Thermal Dome

We, early-career marine researchers, wrote a call for action (https://tinyurl.com/OOSuniversity) asking decision-makers to step up efforts to #SaveOurOcean 🌊at the UN Ocean Conference #UNOC2022 and beyond. Now, your organization can support it by signing it and contribute to its spread.

Science Communication & Blue Storytelling, a training workshop for young people📚

Don't miss the #UNOceanConference side event fully dedicated to science communication & story-telling about the ocean!
The event is co-organised by the #Youth4Ocean Forum💧👉https://bit.ly/3mSQQX7

We are co-organizing a #UNOceanConference side event (30/06) hosted by the #Youth4Ocean forum and others on the #Ocean as a global common - connecting generations of stakeholders through #storytelling, where @RebeccaZitoun will also speak. More here: https://webgate.ec.europa.eu/maritimeforum/en/node/7201

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